A compilation of information
on public policy institutes

Since 1993, NIRA has published NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (NWDTT), which provides a systematic introduction to the world's most prominent and innovative public policy research institutes, or think tanks. NWDTT provides an overview of the organizational structures and research activities of a large number of think tanks, functioning as the "soft infrastructure" for a global think tank network.

Passing through new editions in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005 *, NWDTT has become a well-regarded resource for the policy community. To make NWDTT even more readily accessible, we have decided that we will not publish the 2008 edition in book form, but instead make it available on our website as a database. Given that policy research networks are expanding on the Internet, this decision was made on the basis of considerations of user convenience.

This database version of NWDTT is based on the 2005 edition in book form. We attempted to update the information it contains as much as possible before publication. We checked the official websites of the institutes included in the database for changes and revisions, and we also sent inquiries to the same institutes regarding any changes in status, etc. **

The 2008 edition of NWDTT contains basic information on approximately 450 institutions from 100 countries. We hope that its publication in database form will expand access to this useful reference source.

* We regret that NWDTT 2005 is now out of print.
** If we received responses to these inquires, we used the information to update NWDTT. If no response was received, we relied on information from the official website of the institute concerned.

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