The Autonomy of the Working Individual
-Can We Break the Mold of the Japanese "Company Man"?-

Against the background of an intensifying sense of deadlock generated by
factors including an ongoing economic downturn, how should we change the
way we work?

This paper attempts to rethink work practices from the perspective of an autonomy which implies the ability of the individual to make choices based on his or her own
judgment, and argues that it has become necessary, in view of social changes, to
establish modes of working which eschew an older concept of autonomy and
manifest this new autonomy. It also delineates policy agendas towards enabling
these modes of working, based in part on the results of an independently conducted

Opinions are diverse concerning autonomy in relation to the working individual. In
this report, specialists in fields including economics, management, and law offer
a variety of perspectives on this subject.