Towards the Era of a New Sense of Ownership
-What is Ownership?-

Today, renewed attention is once again being focused on the concept of “ownership.” First among the points of focus on this concept is the sense of ownership experienced by each individual. Individuals tackle issues and take on tasks based on the idea that they specifically concern that individual, rather than being the concerns of others. Second, the word “ownership” indicates that each individual, as the party responsible for their own life, makes their own decisions regarding the things that concern them, and lives an independent life while receiving the necessary social support. And third, “ownership” indicates the necessity for important decisions to be made from a standpoint that is close to that of the individuals who are intimately involved. Precisely because such matters are intimate concerns of ours, we pay attention to them, and respect their value.

Basing itself on this awareness of the issues, the present study involves interviews with three experts on the subject of ownership. All of the interviewees emphasize the necessity, in resolving numerous social issues, not only for action by the government and experts, but also for the participation of stakeholders including citizens, and the linkage of this with support from companies and other entities. They also point out the necessity for the provision of mechanisms and platforms to promote a new sense of ownership, the enhancement of support systems, and the existence of coordinators to connect the government, citizens, and companies.

Executive Vice President, Nippon Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) / Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
Yuki Uchida
Senior Director, RE:PUBLIC INC.
Retz Fujisawa
Representative Director, RCF
Emi Yoneda
Certified Public Accountant / Former Director, Japan Professional Football League